CT Fletcher on Overtraining

1 04 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time that I introduced you to CT Fletcher. Who is CT Fletcher you ask? Aside from being one of the physically strongest men to ever walk to planet, it is truly his mental toughness and outlook that set him apart. We live in a society where excuses are often misinterpreted as legitimate reasons for laziness and failure, but CT Fletcher sets the record straight. He tells it like it is, and more people need to hear his tough love message.

Disclaimer: If you find vulgar language to be offensive, you may want to avoid the following videos. Although I suggest you get over it, toughen up, and take it for what it’s worth.

CT on overtraining:

Who is CT Fletcher?:

If you took the time to watch these two videos, you will understand why his message resonates with me. We are all in control of our own individual outcomes in this world, and are ultimately the only people in control of our own health and quality of life. Excuses and results are mutually exclusive, and the sooner we all recognize this, the sooner we’ll get where we want to go. Get motivated, and get after it!



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